MB Player Scholarship Fund Policy

layer Scholarship Fund Policy

Community engagement, accessibility and inclusion are principal values of the Melbourne Magic Basketball. The Player Scholarship Fund was created to ensure all members of the community have access to the same opportunities and principles of the Melbourne Magic Basketball.

This Fund is made possible through Community Partnerships with local businesses, charitable donations from individuals, and Club fundraising activities. One hundred percentage of this fund goes directly towards ensuring children that are disadvantaged, vulnerable, from low socioeconomic backgrounds, or would otherwise not be able to participate, have the same opportunities as all other members of the club.

Applications for the Fund will be opened in conjunction with member registrations each upcoming season. At the conclusion of the application period, a subcommittee will review all submissions, consider the merits of each, taking into consideration the total number of applicants and the available funding. The subcommittee may elect to offer full or partial scholarships to any / all applicants, utilizing all of part of the funds available. The amount offered to each applicant may be more, less, or equal to the amount requested by each applicant. Any unallocated funds are deferred for the following season.

Each application will be required to supply information that sufficiently demonstrates eligibility and how the fund would provide an opportunity that would otherwise not be available to the child. The application should outline any/all other extra circular activities and sporting endeavours, indicating how these pursuits are supported. Players seeking scholarships across consecutive seasons must include details of their contributions to the club during current and previous seasons.

A letter of offer will be provided to each successful applicant, outlining the terms of the offer. To accept, the letter must be signed and returned by the stipulated date. Any unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing.

Each scholarship carries the expectation and understanding that the offer is made as a relationship between the two parties, for the betterment of both parties. By accepting an offer, it is understood that a fair and equal commitment is made between both parties.

The player and family/organisation accepting an offer agree to uphold the values and principles of the club, and agree that the offer is made possible subject to the following conditions:

  1. The basis of the scholarship application, and the information provided, is a true and accurate reflection of the applicant’s circumstances, commensurate with the purpose and objectives of the Player Scholarship Fund
  2. The player shall observe, adhere to, and demonstrate acceptance of club policies, principles, and values at all times.
  3. The player will act as a representative of the club, demonstrating compliance with the terms and conditions of the competition(s) they represent.
  4. The player will make every reasonable effort to ensure they are present and active in all team/squad activities, including but not limited to, training sessions and matches.
  5. As an agent of the club, the player shall make every reasonable effort to attend and participate in club sanctioned activities.
  6. The player and/or their family / representatives will make themselves available to assist in endeavours that promote and build the Player Scholarship Fund, through activities including, but not limited to:
    1. Seeking donations through the Australian Sports Foundation (or similar).
    2. Providing assistance / referrals with community organisations that help secure further Community Partnerships.
    3. Club fundraising activities / events.
    4. Any other activities that provide a direct, quantifiable, and tangible benefit to club and its members.
    5. Any future scholarship applications will be based, in part, on the ability to clearly demonstrate application of all these terms throughout the duration of the scholarship.

Disputes or queries related to the outcome of any scholarship offered or denied are to be addressed in writing the club administrator in the first instance. Should the dispute or query remain unresolved after this, the matter is to be addressed by the Committee of Management at the next meeting. The decision of the Committee of Management shall be final.

  • Jason Weidemann - Founder & General Manager

    A renowned personality in basketball throughout Melbourne, Jason’s expertise is supplemented with 27yrs coaching experience, 15yrs sports management experience, and tertiary qualifications in coaching, management, and administration.

  • Jason Kelly - President

    At the helm we are excited and honoured to annouceJason Kelly as Club President, one of basketball’s preeminent management experts. Jason’s experience includes roles with Basketball Victoria, asNBL and numerous basketball associations, providing a unique level of professionalism for club management and governance.

  • Marinka Winton - Vasice President

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  • Renee Ellis - Secretary

  • Donna Brown - Treasurer

  • Lisa Stirling - Committee Member

  • Simon Grey - Committee Member

  • Andy Wynn - Committee Member

  • Sue Wynn - Committee Member

  • Shaun Bye - Committee Member