As a registered Not-For-Profit (NFP) organization, underpinned by a volunteer Committee of Management, Magic Basketball is guided by clear policies and a shared value system across all members, teams and age groups.

We understand that no two players are alike. Our coaches strive to develop each player’s skills and foster stronger teams. Through nurturing teamwork, positive communication and imparting knowledge, our coaches support you to learn basketball skills, build endurance, discipline, and a strong character.

Squad Coaches

Squad coaches are the lead coaches of each age group, providing effective management and leadership to the entire squad, including all players, coaches, and teams. As the figure head of each program, our Squad Coaches spearhead the development and leadership of the entire squad, ensuring consistency in the delivery of the Magic Style of Play, and are responsible for planning and oversee weekly training sessions that provide progression, individuald evelopment, and team strategy.

  • Jason Weidemann

    Squad Manager:
    U12 Boys
    U14 Boys
    U16/18 Boys

  • Marinka Winton

    Squad Manager:
    U8 Boys & Girls
    U10 Boys & Girls
    U14 Girls
    U16 Girls

  • Andrew Johnson

    Squad Coordinator:
    U8 Boys

  • Doug Lawton

    Squad Coordinator:
    U10 Girls

  • Aaron Brew

    Squad Coordinator:
    U10 Boys

  • Nichole Edmonds

    Squad Coordinator:
    U12 Girls

Team Coaches

Team coaches lead the game day / competition aspect of cluboperations, and support squad coaches with the delivery of a cohesive training schedule.These coaches maintain close contact with players in their respective teams,while developing a rapport with all members of the squad, offeringcollaborative coaching support to all players. Team Coaches are responsible forthe oversight of each player's development and progression, in line with the club’sphilosophy to ensure the best outcome for each player and team.

  • Tanya Rudd

  • Michael Palmisano

  • Jack Gray

  • Amy Ince

  • Ruby Howse

  • Mikayla Palmisano

  • Leigh Hooper

  • Russell Bishop

Development Coaches

Development coaches form a critical piece of the developmentpathway and future of our club.  Working alongsideour Squad and Team Coaches, these coaches engage in a mentor-apprentice typerelationship with a view to becoming a Team Coach in the future.  By developing coaches from within, the club ensures a consistency in approach, communication and development principles. Thesecoaches provide direct support at training and games in a similar manner to Team Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

  • Joel Wynn

  • Sienna Wynn

  • Xavier Dallwitz

  • Mia Skomrlj

  • Oscar Woolley

  • Astin Brew

  • Ayden Mounsey

  • Tarkyn Johnson

Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coaches are integral members of our organization who generously volunteer their time and expertise to assist our Squad and Team Coaches. Their contributions are invaluable as they provide crucial aid during training sessions and games. By actively supporting our Squad and Team Coaches in executing training drills and managing game day operations, Assistant Coaches enable our leading coaches to deliver the highest level of support, guidance, and feedback to all individuals involved.

  • Joel Williamson

  • Andrea Vincent

  • Kurt Underwood

  • Stuart Zurrer

  • Penny Vervoost

  • Jordan Dallwitz

  • Carly Sharp

  • Chris Hayes

  • Adam Dowling

  • Remi Joy

Become a Magic Coach

The SEM Magic Basketball Club offers paid coaching opportunities to suitably experienced and/or qualified individuals that share our principles and values regarding club and player development.

Parents of participating members are welcome to join our coaching family, provided they have sufficient experience that meets the clubs criteria.

Contact the club via email at to submit your interest.

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