BV Participant License

Basketball Victoria (BV) charges the following fees to help cover the costs of managing the sport, which includes the providing of services and insurance to participants, clubs and associations. These fees are built into the registration form  forms (inc. GST and transaction fees), but excludes applicable club &/or competition fees.

Basketball Victoria Annual Participant Licence for players (per 365-days)

This is a statewide participation licence that applies to domestic, tournament and junior representative player registrations and is charged when the player doesn't already have a licence that covers them for the entirety of the season they're registering to.

$29 – Junior (17 and under) participant
$43 – Senior (18 and over) participant
effective January 1, 2023

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Important - existing members must register using current PlayHQ account to ensure balance of BV Participant License carries across to new season registration period. 

  • Jason Weidemann - Founder & General Manager

    A renowned personality in basketball throughout Melbourne, Jason’s expertise is supplemented with 27yrs coaching experience, 15yrs sports management experience, and tertiary qualifications in coaching, management, and administration.

  • Jason Kelly - President

    At the helm we are excited and honoured to annouceJason Kelly as Club President, one of basketball’s preeminent management experts. Jason’s experience includes roles with Basketball Victoria, asNBL and numerous basketball associations, providing a unique level of professionalism for club management and governance.

  • Marinka Winton - Vasice President

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  • Renee Ellis - Secretary

  • Donna Brown - Treasurer

  • Lisa Stirling - Committee Member

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