Member Participation

The fundamental purpose and principles of the SEM Magic basketball club is based first, and foremost, on the values of respect, accountability, responsibility, acceptance, and empathy. All members, whether that be player, coach, team manager, parent, administrator, or committee, have a shared and equal obligation to uphold these values ensuring the club can provide a unique and exceptional basketball environment that represents the interests and values of its members.

Each member of the club must adhere to the minimum standards set by the governing bodies of our sport and relevant agencies, including but not limited, Basketball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct, Basketball Victoria’s Member Protection By-Laws, and the Victorian Working with Children legislation.

Furthermore, SEM Magic encourages all members to cultivate a shared set of values that supports our principles and set the standard for all levels in our sport. In pursuit of this, we can adopt and follow these basic expectations

  1. Support an inclusive sporting environment for all.
  2. Maintain honest and transparent communications.
  3. Respect the diversity of opinions, experiences, and expectations of others.
  4. Provide positive, supportive, and constructive feedback.

On a functional level, our values will be observed by adhering to the following guidelines:


Guidelines for Parents / Guardians:

  1. Ensure financial commitments are met.
  2. Maintain active & clear communication via the club’s internal communication platform (TeamApp)
  3. Respect the decisions of coaches, officials, administrators, and committee.
  4. Seek to resolve, understand, and respect the outcomes and decisions of the club, with clear and open communication with coaches, team managers, and club administrators.
  5. Unless discussed and agreed prior, refrain from providing specific/technical feedback to players, such as performance or strategy, during matches or games.
  6. Support the values of club, squad, and team development as critical aspects that underpin successful individual development.
  7. Encourage all members to act with integrity and behaviour consistent with the club’s values.


Guidelines for Training Sessions:

  1. Players should expect to attend all scheduled training sessions for the duration of the registered season. Exceptions and exemptions may be provided for high performance and multi-sport athletes, on a seasonal case-by-case basis.
  2. Provide coaches and team managers with no-less than 24hrs notice of non-attendance via the club’s official communication platform. Email, phone, and text message are not accepted forms of internal club communication (unless unreasonable to do so).
  3. Unless advised otherwise, arrive no less than five minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time of each training session.
  4. Players must wear the official club reversible training singlet (black/purple) to all sessions. The competition singlet (yellow/purple) is not an accepted substitute.
  5. Players should expect to be required to alternate the colour of the training singlet throughout the duration of each session as instructed by coaches, and therefore ensure they have appropriate undergarments.


Guidelines for Competitions:

  1. Unless advised otherwise, arrive no less than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time of a match.
  2. Scoring duties are a shared responsibility between both teams, managing the electronic scoring application and stadium scoreboard. Each family is expected to contribute scoring duties, allocated to a roster by the team manager, on a rotational basis with all other families affiliated to that team.
  3. Provide coaches and team managers with no-less than 24hrs notice of non-attendance via the club’s official communication platform. Email, phone, and text message are not accepted forms of internal club communication (unless unreasonable to do so).
  4. Failure to communicate in a timely manner that results forfeit of matches and fines from the competitions we participate will be the responsibility of that family.
  5. Understand and respect the direction provided to players under the club’s Style of Play guidelines that are set in place for all players, coaches, teams and squads.
  6. Understand and respect that playing time and roles and may fluctuate throughout the duration of the season. Broadly speaking, all players can expect to receive a fair and equitable opportunity to participate in each match, taking into consideration development, attendance, coachability, roles, team composition, level of competition, and player age.
  7. Support, cheer and commend fair play and good sportsmanship from all everyone involved. At no time will the club sanction any form of openly criticizing or conduct that undermines coaches, officials, or players, and may take necessary protect the integrity of the club and its members.
  • Jason Weidemann - Founder & General Manager

    A renowned personality in basketball throughout Melbourne, Jason’s expertise is supplemented with 27yrs coaching experience, 15yrs sports management experience, and tertiary qualifications in coaching, management, and administration.

  • Jason Kelly - President

    At the helm we are excited and honoured to annouceJason Kelly as Club President, one of basketball’s preeminent management experts. Jason’s experience includes roles with Basketball Victoria, asNBL and numerous basketball associations, providing a unique level of professionalism for club management and governance.

  • Marinka Winton - Vasice President

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  • Renee Ellis - Secretary

  • Donna Brown - Treasurer

  • Lisa Stirling - Committee Member

  • Simon Grey - Committee Member

  • Andy Wynn - Committee Member

  • Sue Wynn - Committee Member

  • Shaun Bye - Committee Member