Committee Members | Rights, Responsibilities & Obligations


This policy outlines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of committee members and subcommittee members of the South East Melbourne (SEM) Magic Basketball Club. SEM Magic is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and support of junior basketball players.


This policy serves as a guideline for the conduct and responsibilities of committee members and subcommittee members of SEM Magic basketball club. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to create a fair, transparent, and efficient governing body for the benefit of our club and its members.


Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Committee members must declare any conflict of interest, particularly in matters concerning their children or relatives. In cases where a committee member has a conflict of interest, they shall excuse themselves from discussions and decisions related to those matters.


In the event that, during the course of meeting procedures, two or more committee members identify a potential conflict of interest concerning another member in a specific matter, it is the responsibility of the concerned committee members to formally request the member in question to voluntarily recuse themselves from the ongoing discussion or decision-making process.


Role and Responsibilities

Committee members are primarily responsible for governance, strategic oversight, and leadership. The club's appointed administrator will manage all operational matters. Unless directed otherwise, committee members shall refrain from engaging in administrative tasks or stakeholder management.




Mandatory Attendance

Committee members are required to attend all scheduled meetings. Absence from meetings should be communicated in advance, with valid reasons, to the club president or another designated officer. If a member fails to attend three consecutive meetings, or six meetings within a 12-month period, that member may be requested to vacate their position.


Committee Service Entitlements

After 12 months of continued service, committee members are entitled to the following benefits, based on their roles:


Executive Committee Members:

  • President: 30% x full fee member per season
  • Vice President: 15% x full fee member per season
  • Treasurer: 25% x full fee member per season
  • Secretary: 20% x full fee member per season


Other Members:

  • General Committee of Management member: 5% x full fee member per season
  • Chair of Subcommittee: 15% x full fee member per season
  • General Subcommittee Member: 5% x full fee member per season


Entitlements are cumulative for each member, after 12-months of consecutive service, within each role, capped at 1 x full fee member fee per season. Members may donate their entitlements to the Player Scholarship Fund.


Sponsorship Opportunities & Privilege

Committee members who actively contribute to the acquisition of new sponsorship opportunities for SEM Magic are entitled to the following privileges:


  1. Financial Recognition:
    1. Eligibility for up to 25% of the annual cash consideration from the partnership as an offset / discount on current season member registration.
    2. This entitlement extends for the entire duration of the agreement.


  1. Limitations:
    1. The entitlement is subject to a cap of 2 times the full fee for members per season.
    2. Contra-based agreements do not fall under the purview of these provisions.


  1. Complementary Benefits:
    1. Sponsorship privileges are granted in addition to Committee Service Entitlements.


  1. Review Mechanism:
    1. The Committee of Management retains the right to review and modify these provisions on a case-by-case basis, guided by the principles of organizational integrity.


  1. Inclusive Consideration:
    1. The Committee of Management is committed to extending similar opportunities and privileges to members of the South East Melbourne Magic basketball club on a case-by-case basis.


This framework is designed to recognize and reward the proactive efforts of committee members while maintaining a transparent and equitable approach to sponsorship contributions. The Committee of Management will exercise diligence in evaluating and adjusting these provisions when necessary, ensuring the continued success and integrity of SEM Magic.


Accountability and Transparency

Committee members shall maintain the highest levels of accountability and transparency in their roles. They should act in the best interests of the club and its members, ensuring that their actions and decisions align with the club's mission and values.


Amendments to the Policy

This policy may be amended as necessary by the SEM Magic Committee of Management. Amendments should be communicated to all committee members and subcommittee members promptly.

  • Jason Weidemann - Founder & General Manager

    A renowned personality in basketball throughout Melbourne, Jason’s expertise is supplemented with 27yrs coaching experience, 15yrs sports management experience, and tertiary qualifications in coaching, management, and administration.

  • Jason Kelly - President

    At the helm we are excited and honoured to annouceJason Kelly as Club President, one of basketball’s preeminent management experts. Jason’s experience includes roles with Basketball Victoria, asNBL and numerous basketball associations, providing a unique level of professionalism for club management and governance.

  • Marinka Winton - Vasice President

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  • Renee Ellis - Secretary

  • Donna Brown - Treasurer

  • Lisa Stirling - Committee Member

  • Simon Grey - Committee Member

  • Andy Wynn - Committee Member

  • Sue Wynn - Committee Member

  • Shaun Bye - Committee Member