Welcome to South East Melbourne Magic!

At South East Melbourne (SEM) Magic, we are more than a club; we are an eclectic family united by our shared passion for basketball. We aim to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to build an inclusive and supportive family. Whether you are new to the basketball game or a seasoned player, we offer an opportunity to learn the fundamentals or improve your basketball skills while making friends and having fun in an uplifting and positive environment.

SEM Magic was founded in 2022 by Jason Weidemann, a prominent personality in basketball throughout Melbourne. We are on a mission to make the world a better place to live in through basketball. Rest assured, as a member, you are a valued part of our family founded on respect, accountability, responsibility, acceptance and empathy. We ignite loyalty, inspire integrity and encourage the relentless pursuit of excellence in the basketball game and life.

Coaching and Player Development 

Take your basketball skills to the next level by coaching and prepare for success by learning through the experience of skilled, qualified and experienced individuals. We identify and sharpen the unique skill set of each player. Whatever your skill level, our coaches focus on equipping you with the proper basketball fundamentals and pushing you to succeed in a fun, competitive environment.

We understand that no two players are alike. Our coaches strive to develop each player’s skills and foster stronger teams. Through nurturing team work, positive communication and imparting knowledge, our coaches support you to learn basketball skills, build endurance, discipline and a strong character.

We believe that we can be competitive yet compassionate and empathetic, we can strive to win and still care about other people, and we can play with confidence to the final round. If this is the environment you wish to learn and have fun in, we invite you to reach out to us and learn more about what it means to elevate your game and feel the difference with SEM Magic!

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